Gram Stain Principle – A Brief Explanation

A staining technique that classifies bacteria based on the chemical and physical properties of their cell walls, the Gram stain is one of the most important tools in medical laboratory microbiology. Bacteria can be very difficult to classify, so it’s… Continue Reading


What is meant by blood culture test – Medical Laboratory test

blood culture test

A blood culture test allows your doctor to check if you have an infection caused by bacteria or fungus that may be living in your bloodstream. It can help detect these possible pathogens before they cause severe illness and can… Continue Reading


Urine culture: Everything you have to know

urine culture

What is urine culture? Urine culture is a test that can use to identify possible pathogens that cause urinary tract infections.In the modern world, females and males both affect urinary tract infections. Females are mostly infecting because their urethra is… Continue Reading


Catalase test microbiology

Catalasae test microbiology

The catalase test helps to differentiate bacteria that produce catalase from non – catalase producing bacteria. Catalase Positive – bubbling Catalase Negative – No bubbling Requirements Sterile wooden sticks or glass rods Hydrogen peroxide – 3% H2O2 stored in a brown bottle under refrigeration… Continue Reading