8 Causes of pus cells in urine – Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common infections that affect the kidneys, bladder, and urethra. UTIs often cause pain when you urinate and foul-smelling urine. However, if you notice blood in your urine or pus cells in your urine after an… Continue Reading


Benedict’s test – Principle, Procedure and Results

Benedict’s test can be used as a Semiquantitative analysis of glucose in urine. Normal urine does not contain glucose. The commonest reducing substance found in urine is glucose, but other sugars occasionally found in urine also reduce Benedict’s reagent. Lactose… Continue Reading


Gram Stain Principle – A Brief Explanation

A staining technique that classifies bacteria based on the chemical and physical properties of their cell walls, the Gram stain is one of the most important tools in medical laboratory microbiology. Bacteria can be very difficult to classify, so it’s… Continue Reading